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Part 1 (Battle Pass season 5 3D styles)

Part 2 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Part 3 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 4 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Part 5 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 6 (Styles for American tech tree tier X tanks part 1 + Object 705A)

Part 7 (Styles for American tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 8 (Styles for French tech tree tier X tanks part 1 + T110E4)

Part 9 (Styles for French tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 10 (Styles for British tech tree tier X tanks)

Part 11 (Styles for Chinese tank tree tier X tanks)

Two nations today, as each of them has only one style (well as I said earlier, Japan technically has two, but I have no access to the second one).

Winter Lotus – STB-1

I think that some parts of the style (the searchlight, thermal sleeve on the barrel, overall camo…) are based on the Type 74 (STB-1 was a prototype of the Type 74) in winter camo:

First detail – the searchlight. This type was used on some modifications of the Type 61 tank and later on the Type 74.

The firearm right here is the Howa Type 64 Battle Rifle from 1964, still used by some Japanese formations. It was designed to replace the M1 Garand, used by the Japanese Self Defense Forces.

Another M2HB machine gun, after the war Japan relied heavily on American equipment so it’s not surprising at all.

Another Japanese weapon – the Howa Type 96 automatic grenade launcher, a modern weapon when compared to the tank it’s used on, as it was produced since 1996. It still somehow fits, as I feel like the in-game STB-1 is a representation of the Type 74 (so in WoT reality STB-1 was accepted into service instead of/besides evolving into the Type 74), and the Type 74 is still in use.

Storm – TVP T 50/51

I’m sure that this is a mine plow, but not what the name of the model is. WG said that it’s a TMP-4 mine plow, but looking for it gave me nothing. I found a photo of a Polish T-55A with a plow described as the KMT-4, but it looks more like the KMT-6. The one pictured here is either KMT-6 model or a similar one.

It looks like the AK, but the only thing the Czech engineers took from it is the overall look, as it operates differently. It’s a Samopal vzor 58 (Sa vz. 58) assault rifle, exactly the Sa vz. 58 P model, as it has a fixed stock.

I couldn’t find good pics of a real thing, but it looks similar to the stowage bins used on Russian tanks like the T-72.

Another Russian wooden ammo crate, we’ve seen this exact model many times before, so nothing new or special here. The markings on the bottom (И[something]7-75-60) are very similar to the ones on the crate I posted in one of the posts earlier.

This one is kinda interesting, because it’s a twin DShK machine gun. The interesting thing here is the fact, that this model was outdated in the ’50s, as the modified DShKM was introduced in 1946. DShKM was also produced in Czechoslovakia as the Vz. 38/46, but still there’s nothing wrong with using an older model, it still was effective. That’s also a good opportunity to look at the DShK, as I believe we’ve only seen the DShKM by now.

Here we can see the Vz. 59 82 mm recoilless anti-tank gun, painted in a similar way to the Russian SPG-9.

Fun fact – notice the smaller gun on the side of the barrel. It’s a ZH 59 machine gun, used to aim the actual gun. The main gun fired only after the target was already hit by the machine gun, so the first shot was accurate.

The platform for the gun together with the wheels is also present on the tank.

The last detail for today – the inscription “Pravda vítězí” (“Truth prevails”). It’s the national motto of Czech Republic, and before that was used in the same role by Czechoslovakia. You can also see it on other Czechoslovak styles.


We’re getting near the end as there are only 3 nations left, so we will probably leave tier X for some time soon. Don’t worry, as there are many more styles and tanks to talk about besides that!

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