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Uhh I’m so sorry for that break, it was longer than I expected. What happened? My laptop screen got damaged on the way, I just got it repaired, so without further ado let’s get started!

Two tanks for today, we’re going to look at the IS-3 again, as it has two styles, and next is the powerful T30 with some very interesting details.

Pike – IS-3

Another simple yet effective style. The name of it is a reference to the famous “pike nose” of the tank, later used on the other vehicles. Because of this shape the tank itself was later called “щука” (“Pike”).

Another KPV machine gun, you just can’t get enough of them.

The AKS assault rifle, I believe we’ve seen it before too, probably the best weapon for a Soviet tank crew, combining good firepower and compactness thanks to the folding stock. There are also two helmets, I’m not sure about the exact model due to the rather low resolution, but they belong to the SSh series. You can check this site if you want to know more about the series and how to identify the helmets.

This is the Luna L-2 IR spotlight, in reality used on some medium tanks, but also on the T-10M heavy tank, the successor of the IS-3 (photo below). You can also notice the muzzle device of the DShKM machine gun. It wasn’t used as a coaxial MG on the IS-3, but was used in that role on the T-10 (and was replaced by the KPVT on the T-10M), so I guess this IS-3 looks like it would if its service was longer and maybe the T-10 was never produced.

Good attention to details – this is a high-exlosive OF-471 shell, together with the cartridge case, a real shell for the D-25T gun. The graphic below shows both sides of the cartridge case, both sides of the OF-471 projectile, and also two AP shells – armor piercing BR-471 and armor piercing ballistic capped BR-471B.

Assault Kit – T30

There are many details here, some of them are purely historical, but also there are multiple references to the history of World of Tanks and the in-game T30 itself. Forgive me if I missed anything, there are so many of them that it’s easy to not notice something. Also there are exactly 20 pictures in this post, so the limit was reached again.

We have some inscriptions here. The one on the UFP, “10 YEARS IN SERVICE” is a reference to the fact, that this style was available during the 10th anniversary of the game. The “± 25%” and the dice on the searchlight (which looks like the standard AN/VSS-1 one) are a grim reminder that RNG exist. Always. And we can’t escape. We can fight it, but sooner or later we will miss that fully aimed shot or get hit by a shell that should not be able to penetrate.

Also right before I started to write this post I noticed, that someone mentioned the sixth sense lightbulb being present inside of the searchlight, but it can be seen only when the camera is positioned at a certain angle (basically inside of the tank), I really have to check that.

An oxy-fuel torch with two gas cylinders, but instead of containing fuel and oxygen, they are simply labeled “NERF” and “UP”. In regular torches the two agents are mixed, but here it seems that only one of them is used on one tank. Let’s just hope that the blue cylinder will be used to modify our favorite tanks.

I’m sorry, I’m sure that this black machine is a reference of some kind, but I have no idea what it is. On top of it there’s a hacksaw and a box with a metal file in it. More tools to “adjust” the tanks, some of them drastically, some of them just a little bit, so there’s basically no difference, but still enough to cause a few angry topics on the WoT forum. If your tank suddenly lost the accuracy it had before – that’s probably because of that hacksaw that was used to shorten the barrel.

One of the historical details. As always I tried to find the exact same crate and I noticed something interesting. This crate was altered, I don’t know if it was done by the designer, or the reference material looked like that. Two photos below will help you understand what I’m talking about in the next part.

The first photo shows a pile of similar crates and this is how they looked originally. Those are the Canadian (the first line of numbers is a NATO code, in which the number “21” is assigned to Canada; also “.30 INCH” instead of “.30 CAL” clearly show that it’s not an American crate) post-war crates for the M1909 blank cartridges. The symbol next to the word “BLANK” is a NATO marking for the blank rounds.

The second photo shows a crate bought by Johan Willaert, who found some helpful people here. They helped him (and me) to identify this crate and pointed out that it was altered (but still not as much as the one on the T30).

What was changed? First of all – the inscription “PROPERTY OF UNITED STATES ARMY” was added. The second important detail – the word “BLANK” was changed to “BALL”. Now the line about the round type makes no sense, because it has the symbol of the blank rounds, the word “ball” basically meaning the regular ammunition, and again the name of the round – M1909 – which is a blank round. While the marking on the top wouldn’t be too bad (maybe Canada sold some of the crates to the US Army or something), this one line makes me think that it wasn’t like that when the crate was used by the military, as it was important to know exactly what the crate contained.

The WG crate was altered even further. The “PROPERTY OF UNITED STATES ARMY” is still there, but this time both the blank round symbol and the word “BLANK” were replaced – the symbol now represents the ball ammunition – it’s just a black ball. So now it’s correct, right? Nope, it’s still confusing as the “M1909” is still present.

Do I think that the WG designer altered the crate? No, I belive that they would change the M1909 designation too or they would change that line to its original form. I think that the story went like that: someone bought the original crate, but decided that blank rounds are not badass enough and changed that one word (and maybe they added the inscription on the lid, maybe it was there already, who knows), creating something similar to Johan’s crate. Then they sold that crate to someone who knew a little bit more about the NATO designations or just learned about those designations, anyway the person that had the crate at this point changed the symbol to match the word “BALL” and called it a day, not knowing, that there was no M1909 round other than the blank one. The crate created that way was later used by WG as a reference for this style. But that’s just my theory, maybe the story was way different.

It’s a small detail, but it looks like an American Vietnam-era ration, particularly a chicken meal like this one:

That’s a New Year Large Box, gone but not forgotten (the designs of the boxes were changed last year).

Two fire extinguishers (manual ones? Oh come on WG!) in a box with a plush Olenyosh Ololoev (WG mascot) toy. There’s also a book with T30 technical drawing visible.

Oh that faded HT emblem… I started playing before the T30 was changed from the tier X HT into the tier IX TD, but I was still a relatively new player back then, I wasn’t playing too much due to the internet issues, so I was probably around tier IV back then. I never experienced this monster as a HT, but I like it as a TD now, it’s fun to play and bonk some tanks.

The suitcase on the right comes from the Sky Traffic April Fools 2015 event, another piece of WoT history.

Last but not least – two wepons on the turret of the vehicle. Let’s start with the smaller one – that’s the M60D, we know it from the other styles.

The big boy here is an M61 Vulcan 20 mm rotary cannon, together with a huge ammo drum. The muzzle device of this particular device looks similar to the one that you can see on the M61 “The Hand of God” belonging to the Battlefield Vegas.


It’s good to be back, especially with a style as fun as this T30 one. I hope that from now on my posts will be as regular as they were before the break, because we still have a lot of styles to talk about. See you later!


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