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Today we have three tanks to talk about, but only one of the styles is full of details. Still the remaining two look cool are worth noticing. The tanks are: T-50-2, T-44-100 (R) and T-54 first prototype.

This time I had to combine several mods to get the right shot of the T-54, also I experimented a little bit with the free cam, I may use it in the future to get better screenshots of smaller details, I hope you like it.

Immortal Classics – T-50-2

I just love the idea for this style, especially that it was given to the players who played the game for years and many of them may remember the original SD models. Of course there’s no historical reference here, but I want to remind you (or show you if you’re a newer player) how the tanks looked back in the day with this screenshot that I captured in 2014, one of the earliest screenshots I have (shot_038 from the first screenshots folder) and the first one that shows a tank clearly.

Rostelecom – T-44-100 (R)

The T-44-100 is a strange tank when it comes to different versions. If you look into it, there are multiple T-44-100s with different letters added at the end. They exists because the tank was (is?) a gift from various telecommunications providers for their customers in Russia and Belarus (and possibly Ukraine, I’m not sure). As the name of the style suggests, the T-44-100 was available for Rostelecom customers. Due to that the style itself features multiple pieces of communication equipment, while still looking historical.

The original sideskirts were replaced with new, perforated ones. I couldn’t find any proof of anything like that being used on a real tank, but the shape is very similar to the regular T-44-100 skirts (photo below), so maybe they were just modified. A modification like that would probably be possible if this model of the tank went into production, it would reduce the weight, while still providing the protection against HEAT shells.

I don’t know if you like it, but I’m always glad to see a weapon that wasn’t already shown in my posts. This is the RPD machine gun, the firearm created during the last stages of the WW2. It used the 7,62×39 ammunition, later made famous by the AK rifle. You can also see two characteristic SSh helmets and a cable reel, one of several used on the tank to fit the communication theme.

Another piece of equimpent used for communication – a TA-57 field telephone. The reason the model was mirrored is not known to me, but otherwise it’s correct.

I couldn’t identify this antenna, let me know if it’s a real model. It’s probably a radar antenna (or it’s based on one), as it looks very similar to various bigger ones used by the Soviet forces. The size looks correct for a portable ground surveillance radar, for example the Russian Credo-M1 (photo below), it was introduced in 2002 , but similar systems were already used even decades before that, for example the American AN/PPS-5.

When I was taking the screenshots of this tank I assumed that I’m just going to say “yeah, it’s a standard Russian ammo crate” and move on, but thanks to the free cam mod I was able to get a better shot and guess what? I found a crate with the same numbers, again!

That white cross is an interesting detail. Similar markings were used during at least two major historical events – the Battle of Berlin and the Operation Danube. During the first battle the shape was a bit different – there was a white horizontal line around the turret and a cross on the roof. The cross seen here looks more like the one used during the second event, the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, launched to stop liberalisation reforms in the country. Below you can see the tanks participating in that operation.

We’ve seen a similar piece before on the 60TP, I wasn’t able to identify it back then, but thanks to your help now I know that it’s a GAB 1-0/230 generator. The one on the Polish tank was missing some parts, the most obvious one being the gauge on the bottom. It was present on the reference photo, but it was turned sideways, so I’m adding a new photo here, showing that it was a part of the set.

It looks like a German cleaning rod container for the Jagdpanther, just a bit longer. I wasn’t able to find something like that used by Russians, but given the theme of the style I assume it may contain some equipment like the antennas or something similar.

An old friend, a standard Luna L-2 spotlight.

Cobra Battle Operation Assault Tank (B.O.A) – T-54 first prototype

Well, there’s not too much to talk about, but I just like how this style looks, it really reminds me of plastic toys I was playing with. While I like historical styles, I really don’t mind additions like this one, it’s fun!

My knowledge of GI Joe is probably as limited as of Warhammer 40k, so I’m just going to say that this style looks like an amalgamation of details from several different toys, modified to fit the T-54 mod. 1. I think that the Crimson Attack Tank (C.A.T.) was used as a base for this style, as it’s probably the closest to the real tank.


Next time we’ll see some heavy tanks, I hope the details will be clearly visible, as I’ll probably retake the screenshots that I already have, this time using the free cam. It seems fun and may really help in some situations. It’s a small change, but a good one, at least I think so.


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