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The new Battle Pass styles are out, so this post is all about them, just like the first one in the series was dedicated to the previous three BP styles. Tanks included in this season: Object 268, AMX M4 mle. 54 and Centurion Action X.

There’s a common theme – all of the styles feature pieces of captured German equipment. It’s not that unrealistic, captured gear in good condition was often used and sometimes (mainly in France when it comes to tanks) engineers created new designs based on the German ones.

Together with the theme of this Season (Antarctic Exploration) those pieces (especially the Sturmgewehrs) remind me of the “Project Nova” mission from the CoD: Black Ops. Yeah, it was set on the opposite side of the globe, but the climate is similar, the ice and snow were there, the German weapons were there and the whole mission was about the Russian and British special forces trying to capture a German invention.

Svyatogor – Object 268

Svyatogor is one of the bogatyrs, mythical Russian heroes, so the name of the style fits some of the other styles like the Alyosha Popovich for the same vehicle.

The description of the style mentions a German engineer who helped with the equipment, named Becker. It may be a reference to Alfred Becker (I mentioned Kampfgruppe Becker while talking about the E 75 TS). Alfred Becker was an officer and an engineer, who would be perfect for this job, as he had vast experience in the field of modifications. He is most known for his conversions of various vehicles, both German and captured – his creations like the G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) or the FCM 36 Pak 40 exist in the game.

Some interesting pieces can be seen here. On the top of the turret there is an MG 34 machine gun with IR gear. I’m not going to mention it further in the post, but every one of this Season styles features German IR devices, both the FG 1250 and the FG 1252. As you can imagine Allies wanted to get their hands on them, as their IR devices were still tested and inferior to the German ones. In the late 1940s and early 1950s a tank with something like that would still give a huge advantage to the side using it.

Below that there is a Panzerschreck, we’ve seen an early version with no blast shield recently, the one with a blast shield was also included on the Jagdpanzer E 100, but back then I included less photos to stay within the pic limit, so you can see it below now. At this point I suspect that a designer or someone else is left-handed and they’re treating it as an easter egg, because every Panzerschreck we’ve seen (and not only them) is mirrored – the blast shield and the sight should be on the left side.

A little bit to the left there’s an external fire extinguisher. This is a Tetra 6 model, different from the Tetra 2 on the E 75 TS.

There is also a container and two jerrycans for water (Wasser), a standard German 20l model.

An Em 1m R36 stereoscopic rangefinder, just like the one seen on the E 100 style, a picture from that post can be found here.

A 3,7 cm Flak 36/37 AA gun, another captured weapon. As I said many times in the previous posts, I really don’t mind guns like that being added to the styles. As long as the mobility stays on a reasonable level it’s not that bad of an idea to add some firepower. Maybe the tank is easier to spot, but the tanks with guns like that are already rather easy to spot, so they need that protection.

According to an article by WG it’s a Russian filter-ventilation unit. I don’t really have a reason to not believe them, I couldn’t find a good pic of something like that, but to be honest seeing something like that on the outside of the tank is probably not that common.

I also want to mention that there are some crates on the back of the vehicle, probably for the main gun ammo (the big green ones look similar to the 122 mm one from the previous post) and flat metal boxes for some equipment or maybe mortar shells. There is also a pair of winter fur boots, fitting the theme of the style.

Oh and there is a Sturmgewehr 44 on the side of the superstructure, but the amount of the photos I can include is limited and the more interesting wariant of this weapon is present on the AMX, so we’ll talk about it when we get there.

Primipilus – Centurion Action X

I think the name of this style is very clever. The Primipilus or Primus pilus was a most senior centurion in the Roman legion, who led the prestigious first cohort (a group of centuries). Each century was commanded by a centurion, each cohort was commanded by the most experienced centurion from one of the centuries, the first cohort was commanded by the most experienced centurion from the whole legion. Basically the name of this style means “The best of the Centurions” tying it to the name of the tank.

Some pieces of the original British equipment. You can see a searchlight taken from a Chieftain tank (photo below) and a filter-ventilation unit, also similar, but not the same as the one used on the Chieftain. Somehow I wasn’t able to find a good photo of it, but you can check it out on our beloved tier X Chieftain. Another piece like that is also present on the AMX style.

Two screenshots below show a Swingfire gasoline heater and a turbo nozzle for it. There is also an iron stove on the side of the turret with smoke ducts on the right side of the tank. The crew is clearly ready to live in a tent in the cold Antarctic climate.

This is the same autocannon that was featured on the Badger in my 10th post. I had no idea what it is, just a guess, but according to the article about the new styles – my guess was wrong. For me it looked similar to the Rheinmetall Mk 20 RH-202 20 mm autocannon, but WG stated that it’s a “Remotely controlled 30 mm automatic gun”. Let me know what it IS, because I know only that it ISN’T the British 30 mm RARDEN autocannon. To be honest it still may be a 20 mm autocannon, because as you’ll see soon (and not for the first time, I mentioned some of the errors in different posts before) – the descriptions provided by WG are sometimes full of mistakes. Funny thing – WG also mentioned the tracer rounds, just like I did when talking about this gun for the first time.

Also the searchlight is a German one.

A very interesting detail – this is the Lehaitre tracked motorcycle from 1938, created in Paris by J. Lehaitre. Sadly I can’t include a screenshot, but I’ll quote the description from the article, as it made me giggle:

Lehaitre tracked motorcycle. A marvel of German engineering from the late 1930s with a very specific purpose and questionable practical value. Taken as a trophy to study the technology.

A marvel of German engineering created in Paris by a French engineer… Even in the photo below Mr. Lehaitre (if that’s him of course) looks sad because of that description.

Gascon – AMX M4 mle. 54

Some crates, the one on the top is an American one for the 7,62 mm rounds – we’ll see the weapon using them soon.

The crates below were already featured on the EBR 105 style, so click here to see a photo I included back then – those are the crates for the Super Bazooka rockets.

An A-A-F1N machine gun, which was a variant of the MAS AA-52 adapted for the standard NATO 7,62 ammunition. The crate seen before probably contains ammo for this MG. The weapon itself is taken straight from the AMX-30B2.

Another AA gun captured from the Germans. It’s a homemade Flakvierling – four regular 2 cm Flak 38 guns put together in a similar way they were used in the original Flakvierling. You can compare both of them using the photo below, as you can see the angles are different, the shield is missing and the way the barrels are mounted is different, but it’s still visible that the guns are the same.

We finally got to the Sturmgewehr 44 mentioned before. The weapon itself is rather well known, but it has an interesting additional equipment – the Zielgerät 1229 (ZG 1229) Vampir IR device. An interesting weapon, introduced too late to change the course of the war and not that practical due to a 15 kg backpack battery, but it surely was a crucial achievement in the field of night combat.

The last details for today – the MAT 49 submachine gun, already featured on the AMX 50 B in my first post, and a generator, but I don’t think that I can identify the model.


Now I see how long this series is – we started with the Season 5 styles, we’re not even done yet and the Season 6 is here already. Thank you for the support you’re showing me with every post, even the recent one that wasn’t a part of this series. Given the fact that it was received rather well I’m thinking about making more different posts, but for now let’s focus on finishing the series, as there are not too many styles left.


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