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Sorry for my mistake with the title of the latest post, of course it was part 28 and this is post number 29. According to the schedule this post should be all about American tanks, but there’s still the SU-130PM left, so we’ll quickly talk about it before diving into punk world with the TL-1 LPC.

Altai Fox – SU-130PM

We’ve seen a similar part on the 907 – it’s a radar sight. The one back then was not an actually produced model, but was based on a real thing, the one right here is exactly that real sight – the RLPK-1, used on the MT-12R “Ruta” 100 mm smoothbore anti-tank gun.

We’ve probably seen this one, but not even nearly as much as the KPV or the DShK. This is the NSV 12,7 mm machine gun, another common Russian weapon.

Some standard crates, sadly this time I wasn’t able to find real photos, as the writing is not clear and the left sides are covered – that’s where the info about the ammunition inside is.

This style also features additional rubber sideskirts, commonly used on multiple Russian tanks from the modified T-55AM onwards. Some countries even used them on the T-34s. The protection provided by them wasn’t too great (maybe they were useful against some fragmentation), but they stopped mud and dirt from getting into spaces that were harder to clean.

Pretty Fly – TL-1 LPC

First of all I want to answer the question “What even is this tank?”, beacause the regular model is already interesting. The TL-1 LPC was the first step in the direction of the T95, new medium tank. This is the very early stage of that project, a new hull with a regular M48 turret, as there were no T95 turret designed at that point. The same hull was later used as a base for the next versions of the new tank. Why is that interesting? There are multiple variants of the T95 in the game besides the TL-1 (T95E2, T95E6, Chieftain with T95 turret and T95 with Chieftain turret). If you look closely, you’ll notice that despite the different armor thickness the hull model used for the TL-1 LPC is exactly the same model that was used on the British tier X T95/FV4201 Chieftain.

Now time for the style. It’s easily one of my favorite ones, as I love rock and metal. This style is just amazing and I wish they did more of them like that with next collaborations. Maybe The Offspring is not my favorite band (in terms of WG collaborations I prefer both Iron Maiden and Sabaton), but there’s one person who got me into them and I really liked the music, the same person also helped me identify some bits on this style, so thank you Marika!

The name of the style is a reference to The Offspring’s song “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)”.

We can see the band’s logo on the upper fron plate. There are also some pieces of stage equipment – some lights and a speaker. This style is just full of gear like that. The anti-slip surfaces are a good addition, both fitting the theme (as they are often used so the musicians won’t slip and fall off the stage) and being a reference to the band itself – you’ll see why soon.

This is really cool – another logo with a date – 1984, the year the band was created.

A mixing console, very important piece of equipment. This one has some nice easter eggs – WoT logo and “WORLD OF TANKS” written on it. Also there are some more lights.

It’s getting more interesting as the instruments are actually based on the real ones used by The Offspring, albeit with no logos to avoid legal troubles.

The guitar you can see here is based on the Ibanez RG with very characteristic finish (that’s what I meant when I said that the anti-slip is a reference to the band), belonging to the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Dexter Holland.

The drum kit seems to be based on the TAMA kit (judging by the decorations), that was played by Pete Parada, who was the drummer back when the style was released.

A rather standard Fender Precision Bass, a model that is used by the band’s bassist – Todd Morse.

Last but not least – an Ibanez NDM1, a signature guitar of the lead guitarist, Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman. It features very characteristic wrapped duct tape finish.

Two skateboards with artworks tied to the band’s releases. The one on the bottom is decorated with “Americana” album cover, this album contained some of the most known The Offspring’s songs, like “The Kids Aren’t Alright” (the song you may hear when playing this tank with the style on) and “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy”.

The second skateboard features “Bad Habit” artwork. You may notice that the colors are a bit different, but I’ve seen shirts with that graphic with more yellowish tint, just like the one on the skateboard.

Some additional pieces of equipment – a fog machine and microphones in the background.

And the last screenshot – a good look at the side of the vehicle with different lights, speakers, boxes, control panels (for the lights, they are actually connected to the lights on the front of the tank, pretty cool) and a writing “THE OFFSPRING” on the sideskirts.


I really love the musical styles, especially since they include music playing during the battle (I wish they would add that to the regular Primo Victoria) and I’ll gladly see more of them. Maybe some day the collaboration with Iron Maiden will go further than World of Warplanes and we’ll see a tank from A Matter of Life and Death, who knows?


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