Gotta love those tiny details! #38 – BONUS: Tanks that I missed

This is the last post about the styles for now, but your feedback was great, so I’ll probably continue the same series (after all as the title says it’s about details, not just about the styles), this time talking about tank models and fun little things the designers added to them. But now we have two more tanks – the Object 274a and the Type 5 Heavy, the tanks I missed before because they weren’t featured in the modpack that I used (and the Obj 274a’s style isn’t even shown on the wiki).

Mangut – Object 274a

This style looks a bit like a collection of multiple details we’ve seen before, so I’ll include links to the photos of some more interesting pieces that I’ve posted before rather than new photos, that way we’ll have an opportunity to see more pictures when we get to the Type 5.

We’ve seen a similar set on the Object 907 – a Luna L-2 spotlight and a KTD-1 laser rangefinder. There’s also a canvas cover added to the gun mantlet. Picture included back then is here.

A DShKM on the turret was replaced by the KPV machine gun, just like the ones we’ve seen multiple times on various Russian tanks.

Another crate, similar to the ones I’ve posted twice (this photo), last time while talking about the TVP T 50/51. Back then some numbers on the crate were visible and they were the same as the ones here. There are also some SSh helmets.

Two examples of the 122 mm tank ammo crates (122 can be barely visible, what’s interesting there are not the same crate used twice, only one of them has that white “70”), again I couldn’t find a real photo, but they are similar to the ones included in this model set.

The last detail – a little easter egg on the back of the tank.

Kaiju – Type 5 Heavy

As you may know Kaiju, literally translated as “strange beast” refers to a genre of movies featuring giant monsters or the monsters themselves – Godzilla being probably the most famous of all of them. Fitting name for a monstrous super heavy tank.

As with some of the other super heavy tanks, this one also has some additional AA protection. I’ve seen multiple people commenting this style and saying that WG just adds things that don’t make sense on top of tanks… And I don’t know how they are missing the sense of putting all of these guns there. In the game they have no hitbox, so it’s not like the tank is easier to hit or spot, also you can always turn them off, either by options or mods. In reality they would really make sense, as long as the mobility of the tank stays at a reasonable level. Yes, the tank with additional guns is a little bit easier to spot, but a super heavy tank would be spotted fast even without them, and with enemy planes carrying bombs and rockets flying overhead it’s a really good idea to have something to shoot at them.

This style has some elements taken from ships, which is cool as the Imperial Japanese Navy was a very important part of the Japanese military. The tank itself also fits somewhere between the regular tanks and naval vessels with its naval gun and low mobility, kinda similar to the German Landkreuzers.

The gun right here is a British 40 mm QF 2-pdr Mk II AA gun (not to be confused with the Ordnance QF 2-pdr AT gun), also known as the “pom-pom”. It was used by the IJN and later developed into the 40 mm/62 (1.575″) “HI” Type 91 gun, before being replaced by the 25 mm Type 96.

There are two sets of dual mounted Type 93 13,2 mm machine guns. The weapon itself is a Japanese version of the French Hotchkiss machine gun. Twin and quadruple mountings for this gun were often used on warships during the early stages of the war.

Arisaka Type 99 rifle – probably one of the most iconic Japanese weapon of WW2. It used more powerful cartridge than the earlier Type 38 and was meant to completely replace the predecessor by the end of the war, but in the end both of them were used in large numbers until the end (and even beyond that, Hirō Onoda used his Type 99 rifle until he surrendered in 1974).

A stand with three katanas, the iconic samurai swords.

I have no idea what this is, I don’t even know if that’s a decoration or some piece of military equipment, to me it looks like a shield of some kind. I’m really curious what it may be, so let me know if you have any ideas.

A Japanese flamethrower, either a Type 93 or a Type 100 one. It’s hard to tell because the only difference when looking from the outside was the length of the flame gun – it was shorter on the Type 100. The proportions on the models tend to be a little messed up, in this case the flame gun looks to be too short even for the Type 100 when compared to the fuel tanks, but judging by the lenght of the rubber hose it’s accurate for the Type 93.

Japanese naval binoculars, similar to the 20×120 model by Nikko (now Nikon).

Another flamethrower, this time installed in the tank itself. Probably a good idea as something as big is an easy target for the infantry with portable AT weapons, so it needs to be defended from that threat. In reality there were some Japanese vehicles with flamethrowers mounted on them, more on that when we get to the next detail.

Two ploughs or claws mounted on the vehicle for mine clearing. Now I couldn’t find a photo of this model (to be honest it’s so simple that it could be improvised), but I found another interesting vehicle – the Sōkō Sagyō Ki or the SS-Ki, an engineering vehicle , created using the Type 89 chassis. This vehicle featured multiple pieces of equipment like the mine clearing claws, a winch, a crane etc. They were also armed with flamethrowers – they were used as flamethrower tanks in their first battle.

A ladder. It’s not as cool as some other details here, but it surely makes sense, as this tank was meant to be really huge and getting into it probably wouldn’t be easy without something like that.


Thank you! I’m happy that so many of you enjoyed the series. It was a fun thing to do for the past few months and I certainly won’t stop here. Now I have to think what exactly to do next, but as I said earlier, this series will probably continue under the same title with regular tank models, so this post isn’t my last one or even the last one in the series, just the last one about the styles until the new one are introduced (and no, I’m not touching the ones from the current event, they are cool, but probably the only thing that I can talk about there is the KTD-1 laser rangefinder featured on every one of them… But we’ve seen that even in this post, so there’s really no point). See you later!


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