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This time we’re looking at the German collectors’ tanks, particularly the Marder 38T, Jagdpanzer 38(t), Pz.Sfl. IVc, G.Pz. Mk. VI (e), Bison, Wespe, Pz.Sfl. IVb and Sturmpanzer II.

Marder 38T

That’s not a good start… The radio visible here looks nothing like any of the German radio sets or even the radio from the original LT vz. 38. The Marder III Ausf. H (which is probably the most common name for this vehicle, but despite what wiki says it was named “Marder 38T” at least once in 1944) used the Funksprechgerät “d” placed in the front, so not only the model, but also the placement is not correct.

The ammorack placement is right, but the shells are not that detailed, so it’s hard to identify them, they look similar to the PaK 40 ones, or maybe a mix between the German and Russian ones.

The story behid the Marder guns and shells is quite interesting: the earlier version of the Marder III used the Russian F-22 76,2 mm AT-gun, while the Ausf. H used the regular German PaK 40. The F-22 used on the Marder was called the PaK 36(r) and was modified, which included… Rechambering it for the PaK 40 cartridge, so the Russian shells wouldn’t be used on the Marder, even with the Russian gun. You can compare the ZiS-3 (top, the same ammunition was used for the F-22) and PaK 40 (bottom) ammo when looking at the photos below.

Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

You may notice, that this MG 34 is a bit different from a regular one, the pistol grip was altered and it has a special mount. That’s because it was remotely operated from the inside of the vehicle and that mount connected the MG trigger with the trigger inside. You can see this mount on the photo below, there’s also a drawing making it easier to understand how this thing worked.

Pz.Sfl. IVc

Like most of the open-top vehicles this one also lets us to see some of the equipment inside. Again there are some helmets, gas masks and Mauser rifles and again the rifles look to be too small when compared with the other parts. These details are actually based on the photos of a real vehicle, you can see them below – even the barrel of the Mauser.

G.Pz. Mk. VI (e)

This arty uses the SF 14Z Scherenfernrohr – scissors periscope. As can be seen in the photo it was featured on the actual vehicle.

Sturmpanzer I Bison

It looks like the sIG 33 infantry gun was just placed on top of the Pz. I chassis and locked in place… And more or less that’s the case! This vehicle was a rather simple, improvised way to make the sIG 33 more mobile, not to make a proper SPG.

Some wicker baskets, actually used for the sIG 33 ammunition. There was no space inside the vehicle and the fenders couldn’t store more than 3-4 shells , so in reality there was a separate vehicle used to carry the ammo.


Wow, this part is really bad, seriously it needs a rework. There are two SMGs that were meant to represent the MP 40s, but they look like that.

A radio set that actually looks to be the Funksprechgerät “f” used on the Wespe, despite the low quality.

Pz.Sfl. IVb

Various pieces of equipment – some canteens for water and food and ammo pouches for the MP 40 magazines. All of them were present inside of the original SPG.

This is also the Funksprechgerät “f”, the same model as seen on the Wespe. It’s even less detailed, but this time the cables are present and if you compare this screenshot with the real photo above – they are attached in the right places. The only issue is that in reality this radio was hidden behind the hinged doors.

Sturmpanzer II

Another radio set – the Sturmpanzer II used the Funksprechgerät “a” set and I would compliment the designer, because even tho the quality is low, it’s actually quite detailed and it shows that it’s the correct radio (well, the dial was copied and pasted where the cable should be attached, but still it looks good enough). But as I said I would… If it wasn’t mirrored for some reason.


That’s all about the German collectors’ vehicles, thankfully I was able to fit all of them into one post, so next time we can start talking about the premium tanks.

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