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Part 1 (Battle Pass season 5 3D styles)

Part 2 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Part 3 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 4 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Today we’ll go through the rest of Russian tier X tanks, so let’s get started!

Triton – IS-4

This is a weird one, there are many details, but most of them are there just because of the theme of the style and probably wouldn’t be used on a real tank. Still let’s see what are we able to identify.

We’re starting this one with another nice example of a KPV 14,5 mm machine gun.

This weapon is more interesting – that’s the SKS carbine. It was developed in the last months of WW2 and tested against the Germans in small numbers. The SKS was officially in service since 1949, but when it was adopted, it was already outdated, as the AK assault rifle was used by then. Nevertheless there were many countries other than the USSR that used the carbine in large numbers, some of them use the SKS to this day.

I tried to identify pieces of this equipment, but it looks just like a generic inflatable boat and diving gear. There are some letters on the motor that’s placed on the side of the tank, but the quality is too low to read them correctly for me.

This hockey helmet was a fun one to search for. I failed to find the exact same model, but it looks somehow similar to the helmet worn by Vladislav Tretiak, a famous Russian goaltender. Just go check his wiki page, because the list of his achievements is too long to paste here. Besides all of those gold medals there’s also another, very interesting thing he’s known for – he was one of the first goalies to wear a combo helmet/metal cage mask – just like the one here. He did it in the 70s and many goalies followed him, after a while this was a standard type of the goalie helmet. Oh and also his number was 20, so I’m pretty sure it’s a tribute to him.

I couldn’t find the exact same crate, but the shape suggests that it’s a crate for PG-9 rockets for the SPG-9 recoilless gun or some similar rockets.

The inscription on the barrel says ” Where we are, there is victory!” – that’s the motto of the Russian Naval Infantry, which fits the theme.

Granite – IS-7

Here we can see an AKS rifle, a helmet, I’ll gues that’s the SSh-60 model, and a crate, pretty generic one with no markings visible, but it looks like a 7,62 mm ammo crate, something like that:

While those are “just” 2 KPV machine guns, this is more interesting than KPVs on the other tanks – a set like that has its own name – the ZPU-2. ZPU sets were towed, but removing the carriage and putting the set on top of the tank shouldn’t be too hard, things like that were done during many civil wars, where the ZPU sets were mounted on trucks, M113 carriers and other vehicles.

Another small, easy to miss detail: barely visible writing informing us what is stored there – tools, spare parts and fuel.

Fluffy – Object 277

Another tank, another KPV machine gun, this one however has spare ammo and two other guns attached to itand I have to say that I had some trouble while looking for them. In the official news WG described them as the RP-46 machine gun, basically the belt fed version of the famous DPM. Yeah, out of all the machine guns I saw RP-46 is the closest one to those two, but it still feels off, like the whole barrel shroud is missing… Well, WG said that it is the RP-46, so it is.

Whatever this piece of fabric is, it’s the same one that was present on the IS-4 style in two places.

Dobrynya Nikitich – Object 705A

Ilya Muromets – ST-II

Alyosha Popovich – Object 268

Not too much to say here, those are all cool styles inspired by the three Bogatyrs. Bogatyr is a legendary knight, a hero similar to knights in the western legends like the Knights of the Round Table. Great concept, but they are just characters from the legends, so there are no real pictures of them or anything and the details of their equipment were made up by the artists. I have a feeling that WG based those styles on several interpretations of them, maybe combined with their own ideas, also some of the pieces may be just generic medieval gear, so looking for the particular pictures seems pointless. The photo below shows Dobrynya, Ilya and Alyosha, some of the elements (a shield, helmets etc) may even be taken from here.

(Also there are some KPVs added, but we already know how that looks like).

The Thin Case – Object 261

I was glad that I got this style, it’s really not that much, but it looks like a real vehicle in the battle would look, also arty styles are rather rare so there’s that. In terms of added historical details there’s really not too much to talk about, as the main differences between the style and the tank model are the branches used to camouflage the vehicle and the side skirts. The only thing I may add here to make the ending of the post less boring is a single KPV mounted on the back.


That’s all for now, next time we’ll talk about the American tanks. The styles for them are heavily inspired by the Vietnam War, so be prepared for many details, not only purely historical, but some of them inspired by the movies about those events.

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