Gotta love those tiny details! #50

We’re done with the collectors’ vehicles from Germany, so now it’s time for some premium ones! We’ll begin with light ones: MKA, Pz. 38H, Pz. II J, VK 28.01 105, Aufkl. Panther and HWK 30.


It’s the same wooden block that we’ve seen on the other tanks, but this time it can be clearly seen that it was used as a place to rest the jack on – the rectangular mark is the best proof.

We’ve seen a fuel jerrycan with white markings, used to contain water, but this one was intended to be used for water from the beginning – it has the word “Wasser” on it.

Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)

The numbers are changed, but it’s possible that the shape and position of the markings was inspired by the real H39 tank in the Kubinka museum, as i couldn’t find any good quality photos of another example looking like that, while the pics of the Kubinka one are easily available.

Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

This is a rear light similar to the ones in previous posts, but I’ve never seen one like that anywhere – and you know that I’ve seen many variants of them. I don’t know where this one came from, my best guess is that it was modelled kinda blindly, based on the real photo of the tank, where this part is barely seen, you can notice that the top part is uniform (as it’s the shutter) and below that there are 2 darker patches (in reality red and orange lights) and the artist interpreted that as one long red light on top, two smaller green ones below, later it was just remade when the model was changed to HD, but it wasn’t altered. If that’s the case, I’m just glad that nowadays, when the models start as HD ones and are much more details, even the smaller details are accurate to a decent degree,

VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28

I know this tank wasn’t released yet, but we’ll probably get it this month – and I can’t wait! It shouldn’t surprise you that I love collecting WW2 tanks and this one has a special place in my heart, I remember how fun it was to ram someone with the tech tree VK 28.01 and then just finish him with the 105 mm gun, I’ll gladly do it again.

Anyway what I wanted to show you here is the fact that one of the wheels has different color – it’s probably not a part of the camouflage, as the rest of the tank uses regular Dunkelgrau paint, I think it may be just taken from another vehicle, maybe even a Panther, painted in Dunkelgelb.

You can compare these jerrycans with the one on the MKA (and that tank wasn’t even that old, it was made in 2018) to see how good the new models are. We could barely see the “Wasser” marking, here we can even be sure that they were made by the Ernst Hecker Metallwarenfabrik (EHM) thanks to the clearly visible logos. There’s also a Stahlhelm, I have to mention it as I have a weak spot for that design.

Again it’s just amazing how detailed the new models are – on the older ones even the name “TETRA” on the fire extinguishers was just a bunch of pixels.

A barrel cleaning rod, similar to the one on the StuG, just a little bit bigger. This tank uses the 10,5 cm L/28 gun, so it was probably based on the cleaning rod from the StuH 42 (basically a StuG III with 10,5 cm L/28).

Aufklärungspanzer Panther

When looking at this part I realized that I’ve never seen any photos of the fascines (bunches of wood used to cross ditches, uneven terrain etc.) being used by the German army and I was curious if it was even a thing, as this part looks like a fascine spread out on the upper front plate. And guess what – it was a thing, this detail was taken from a real Panther destroyed in Anzio.

More Stahlhelme and a German mess kit in what looks to be a rather bad condition.

HWK 30

There are two jerrycans on the turret – and they look very similar to the ones on the WW2 tanks and it’s not a mistake. This design was reliable, so it was used for years after the war ended. The other details show us that they were made after the war, both of them are marked “BUND” (Bundeswehr). I don’t know who exactly made them, as the letters “PN” are just not enough. For a while I was afraid that them being here is a mistake, as they are barely seen on other sites besides the Polish ones so I thought it may be a Polish company, but I found one German site claiming that PN was a Swiss manufacturer, which may be true or not. Let me know if you have any info, because all I know is that both the “BUNDES” and the “PN” markings are real, but I haven’t seen them on the same jerrycan.


Oh boy, it’s part 50 already, I’m glad that there are people that still enjoy this series! And it seems that it won’t be finished soon given the fact, that just the German premium light tanks need more than one post to fit all of them… So there are probably many more entries to come.

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