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After multiple posts outside of the main series, covering new styles etc., it’s finally time to finish talking about the German premium tank models. The last ones remaining are: Dicker Max, E 25, Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 and Skorpion G.

Dicker Max

That’s an interesting thing to mention. As you can see, it looks that this TD has two driver positions. In fact the one on the right side of the vehicle is fake, used to make it less obvious where the driver actually was located. Below you can see a driver peeking out of his compartment.

The piece right here looks like a radio, which is weird, as Dicker Max had no radio set at all and I can’t see anything placed in this place in the existing interior photos. In WoT radio has to be included as it’s important for gameplay, so they included Fu 5 set with 20 Watt sender, but the device seen here doesn’t look similar to parts this set consisted of. I think the closest model is the Ukw.E.d1 receiver, which was a part of Fu 7 set and enabled communication with planes.

The storage here is clearly based on real photos, which is good.

E 25

This turret was not present in the E 25 design that is well known today, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t historical. There were additional suggestions how to improve this vehicle, also including an AA turret with 20 mm autocannon or standard machine gun (here it looks to be an MG 34). Several other vehicles were proposed at that time, some of them had a turret like this, so it would be quite possible that the E 25 would end up having one if it was made.

Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

I’ve seen some photos of this vehicle from the outside, but none of the interior, so I can’t say if it is correct, but the grenades and fire extinguishers look fine to me. The crew equipment on the other hand seems to block a significant portion of already limited space, so it’s probably not a good idea to store it like that.

A canteen is also included, but it was probably an additional detail that no one would look closely at, because it looks nothing like a German one, seems closer to an American model.

Kanonenjagdpanzer 105

Metal crampons that we’ve already seen on tanks like the Leopard, used to improve mobility on snow and ice. A characteristic piece of equipment for a German vehicle from that time.

Again an MG 42 that pretends to be an MG 3, this time in lower quality.

Multiple interesting pieces here, starting from the top: smoke grenade launchers, two jerry cans, a spotlight, a camo net and a Leitkreuz. Everything here looks good and historical, as you can see below.

The 105 mm version of this vehicle features a barrel shroud, similar to the ones used on Leopard tanks (after all it’s the same gun). Kanonenjagdpanzers never used it, as only the 90 mm variant existed, the improved one being just a proposal.

Skorpion G

Probably the most famous detail in the game and it’s finally here – there is a photo of Marlene Dietrich, an actress and singer, born in Germany (she later became an American citizen and renounced her German citizenship). This easter egg was found very quickly after the Skorpion was revealed and that’s probably what made some people interested in these details for the first time.

Some details also present inside of the vehicle. You can also see a metal mesh, separating the turret crew from the inside of the hull.


We’re finally done with the German tanks, seriously, these screenshots were waiting since February for their turn, but there were just so many other things to talk about. I don’t think that we can expect new styles this week, so next time we’ll be looking at the Russian tanks. See ya!

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