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Part 2 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

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Part 5 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 6 (Styles for American tech tree tier X tanks part 1 + Object 705A)

Today we’re going to talk about another two American tanks (yeah, only two, there are so many great details that I reached the photo limit).

Condor – T110E5

No too many details here, but they are cool nonetheless.

Another M60D machine gun, silmilar to the one on the Patton.

One of the most recognizable weapons in the history, used during the Vietnam War – an M16A1 rifle, the early version of an iconic firearm. There’s also a backpack (similar to the one on the Patton in the previous post) with a smoke grenade).

That’s a searchlight, it looks like a standard AN/VSS-1 one, used commonly on the Patton tanks. It’s a powerful xenon lamp, capable of working in both visible and infrared modes, depending if the canvas cover (the IR filter) was placed on it or not.

That’s probably the most interesting part of the style (and that’s exactly one of the things that got me thinking about those details and how historical they are in the first place). I’ve been thinking about this since I got this style and to this day I have absolutely no idea what it is and if it’s historical or not. It looks like a small recon plane, or maybe a drone, together with some spare parts (a second propeller), some radio equipment (maybe to control it if it’s a drone) and a beam on the right side, that looks similar to the aircraft catapult on some of the warships. That’s why I think it may be a portable recon drone/plane, launched directly from the tank, but I have no clue if that even could be done and I haven’t even seen a plane that looked exactly like this one. Please let me know in the comments if you know more about it.

Hellhound – T57 Heavy Tank

This style reminds me how lucky I was during the Holiday Ops 2019, the first event with those styles. I wanted to get this one and the one for the Grille 15 and I got both of them. I absolutely love this style and maybe even some of you will like it more after knowing how cool the details on it are.

That’s the M2HB heavy machine gun, but that’s not the greatest thing here. You may ask: what’s the deal with Snoopy? Why is he painted on a tank? I have to say that after some reading it’s not that strange, after all Snoopy was a WWI flying ace (in his imagination), I also saw many paintings of him on multiple vehicles in Vietnam, the most interesting and familiar being the one showing Snoopy as the aforementioned ace, together with the words “I’m going home”… Painted on a shield protecting the M2HB’s operator.

Another AN/VSS-1 searchlight. My knowledge about the American units is rather limited, but I believe that this tank can be identified as belonging to the 2nd Squadron of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. It’s kinda odd, because this unit was sent to Germany in 1958 (or rather they just returned there, as they were there since 1945 to 1955) and stayed there for over 30 years, until the Gulf War. This tank is clearly ready for Vietnam, not for the German border.

That’s the standard T56-6 CVC (Combat Vehicle Crew’s) helmet, but it looks like it has some additional pieces of armor.

Some pieces of gear similar to the ones on the Patton, a backpack, two smoke grenades, red and yellow (the colors are odd as only the tops should be painted in the color of the smoke, still they look like weirdly painted smoke grenades, not something like the incendiary grenade, that was simply red), an MX991/U flashlight and a canteen, this time without the cover. There’s also a machete above all of that.

That’s a campaign hat with a yellow cord (or rather a 2D texture of a golden cord), yellow cords were used by the cavalry. Hats like that were issued until 1942, after that they were generally used by the drill instructors. We’re mainly talking about Vietnam here, so I just had to post this screenshot from Full Metal Jacket here.

It looks strange as the stock should cover more of the metal parts, while the wooden part of the handguard should be shorter, but it still can be identified as the M79 grenade launcher – just look at the shape of the stock.

WG really gave this tank more firepower with this one. This is an M134, the original Minigun. The mount looks like it was taken from the Huey. The photo below shows an M134 inside the Huey. Fun fact: there was an M48 Patton tank (“Grim Reaper”), known as the most heavily armed tank of the Vietnam War, because the crew used any machine gun they could mount on top of it, including the M134 Minigun, taken from the AH-1 helicopter (but it was confiscated shortly after that).

Finally there’s an inscription on the barrel – “Pray for slack”. It’s actually taken from the M48 tank, commanded by Robert E. Peavey – check out his book.


There are two more American tanks left, but I don’t think I can find anything military related on the T110E3, so it’s actually only the T110E4 left. I guess I’ll just include it in the next post, together with some French vehicles. That’s all for now, see you later!

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