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Let’s continue the series with more Russian tanks! This time we’ll look at the rest of the tech tree meds and move on to the heavy tanks with T-54, K-91, Object 430U, KV-1, KV-1S, KV-2 and T-150.


This time we won’t focus on the DShKM machine gun, just remember how bad the model looks on this tank (which is old) and compare it with the machine gun on the newer K-91 that will be shown later.

Let’s look at something that wasn’t mentioned earlier – there’s a little red lamp. It’s one of the GST-64 lamps that were used so the outline of the tank could be seen at night. The lamps facing forwards are white, while the ones on the back are red.


I like how the hull and the spare track links are blackened near the exhaust. It’s not seen too often, as most tanks have exhausts at the back, facing backwards, but tanks built like the K-91 (crew compartment positioned behind the engine, exhausts on the sides) actually have to face this problem. Similar dark marks can be seen for example on real Merkavas.

As mentioned before this screenshot shows how much better the newer models are. It’s a DShKM machine gun, the same variant was used on the T-54, but the quality is way higher. Also it’s cool to see the difference between the plates of the turret – the roof is smooth, but the upper part of the back plate is rather rough, as that’s where the plate had to be cut.

Object 430U

As you can see the boxes and tanks on the sides are all labeled – we can see markings like “FUEL”, “ZIP” (spare parts), and “TOOLS”. They are the same on both sides and were taken straight from the Object 430U model that was made as a proposal for Object 430U upgrade.

A KPV heavy machine gun in a mount, that was also present on the model. It provided good flexibility for the weapon, which could be aimed at different angles and raised just like in the photo of the model above.


I have to say that before going any further – these heavy tanks are rather old, so there are no pieces of equipment or other fun details on them. Still there’s something worth mentioning – some of the configurations reflect well known real life tanks, but some combinations of modules transform them into vehicles that were actually made, but many people haven’t heard about them, and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on now.

The screenshot above shows a KV-1 tank with a 122 mm U-11 howitzer. In real life it was known as the KV-9 and existed as a prototype.


Again a tank with 122 mm howitzer, but this time it’s a KV-1S. It had no specific designation and I think that the turret was a bit different, but nonetheless it existed.

The S-31 85 mm gun was actually tested on the KV-1S and the reports claimed that it was possible to mount it on the production tank and use it in combat, but some modifications were needed (and they were mostly turret modifications, the gun itself was ok). I guess that the S-31M designation was used to represent the variant optimized for the KV-1S.


This turret always looked a little bit weird to me, but that’s actually how very early KV-2’s looked, including the prototype. As you can see below they were used in combat. The gun of the tank in photo looks short – it’s stuck like that because the recoil mechanism was destroyed, probably by the enemy fire (several penetrations near the gun can be seen), but some some Russian tanks were damaged in a similar way by the crews to prevent them from being used by the Germans.

Also important note: the 122 mm howitzer (KV-2’s stock gun) was never used on KV-2. This tank was basically an artillery version of the KV-1 with a new turret, built around the massive 152 mm howitzer. It was meant to have that gun from the beginning (but the 107 mm gun is also historical, it was tested later), no need for smaller howitzer. However the reason for this gun being present in the game is quite interesting – it dates back to the old times when KV-1 and KV-2 were represented by one tank – tier V KV. In terms of balance it’s better for them to be separated (KV-2 is a monster even on tier VI and after HE changes), but historically it kinda made sense. Similar thing happened to IS-1 and IS-2, they were combined into tier VII IS and are like that to this day.


This turret looks fun and kinda weird, just like the KV-1 but with a big cupola. The second turret is more popular and that’s probably what people think about when talking about the “T-150 turret”, but actually it’s the one shown above that was designed for the Object 150 or T-150 tank. The top turret was taken from the T-220/Object 220/KV-220 – the tank not present in the game in its optimal variant, but it’s there… In pieces. The turret is here, the hull was used on the KV-220-2 (which is one of the KV-220 prototypes with a turret replaced by a regular KV-1’s one, that happened to both prototypes).


I hope that this post was enjoyable, even tho the tank were rather “clean” in terms of details. Hopefully the higher tiers will have more interesting pieces, after all there are some new ones among them.

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