Gotta love those tiny details! #71 – BONUS: Queen of the Night

We’re almost in the middle of the chapter, so it’s probably time to talk about this new, fun style for an interesting vehicle.

Queen of the Night – ShPTK-TVP 100

Just like many more modern styles, this one also features rubber side skirts to protect the tracks, mostly from mud and dirt, but also to provide some additional spaced armor. Similar screens were used for example on the Czechoslovakian T-72s.

Two ammo boxes and a jerry can. It looks very similar to the original German one, because the design was so good, that it was used in many countries after the war as the standard NATO jerry can. They were also used in Czechoslovakia, as they had many pieces of German equipment left and factories able to restart the production.

This spotlight looks a little weird to me, because it’s so thin and I couldn’t find any photos of a similar one. It’s definitely not a standard Russian type that was used on actual Czechoslovakian tanks like T-55 or T-72. Maybe it was meant to be used on TVP vehicles, but it’s definitely not in their blueprints.

On the other hand these lights are just like the ones used on T-55s.

Are these… Socks? Cool, I like details like that, it just gives the tank some personality, we can think about the crew, not only about the machine.

Because of how this TD looks it just had to have a visible ammo storage and it wouldn’t be good if the shells weren’t accurate. I’m happy to say that they look historical. The gun used here is a Russian BS-3 AT cannon with post-war ammunition, which wasn’t visually different from shells used by (for example) the SU-100. Here’s a picture of SU-100’s ammorack.

Now I’m not an expert, but after a quick search I have to say that it doesn’t look like a camo pattern that was used in Czechoslovakia, at least not at the time this TD would be made. It seems to look more like a more modern Russian TTsKO camo if anything.

A tactical number displayed on a lamp. A similar device was also present on some other Czechoslovakian and Russian tanks, in fact at least two other styles use the same lamp. I couldn’t find an actual photo, but if they made one with “28” and reused it at least twice, then there’s a possibility that they got a picutre of a real “28” lamp, let me know if you’ve seen it. Below is a picture of a Czechoslovakian T-55AM2 with a similar lamp, but no numbers are attached.

Oh this is an interesting piece. It’s a ZK 477 heavy machine gun, a weapon that was built and tested, but never actually made it, as a licensed version of Russian DShKM was adopted. What’s more important here is the fact that it was developed around the same time as the TVP projects and some of the tank designs included this exact machine gun in an AA mount, just like the one here.

Cool and easy to miss detail – there’s a PPSh SMG inside, covered by a camo net, together with some spare mags.

Last but not least – additional elements from T-55 were used here. They were used to mount a KMT-5 mine clearing device and can be often seen on Russian, Czechoslovakian, Polish etc. tanks.


There are not that many details here, but I still really like this style, it looks very accurate to how this TD could look like. It’s also cheaper to get than previous marathon 3D styles, so that’s good for me – now I just need to finish the chapter, so see ya later!

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