Gotta love those tiny details! #75 – BONUS: Panzersturmpionier

Things are going slow as I have less time now (more about that later), but I was able to make the next post for all of you waiting for it!

Panzersturmpionier – E 75

Here we can see the writing “Entdecker”, meaning “Explorer”, there is also a jerry can, two spare track links and two more interesting pieces. One of them is a cable reel, used to connect different positions with a telephone cable to provide fast and safe communication, the second one being a blowtorch, really similar to the ones actually used by the German army, made by the French company Missler.

A very interesting weapon – a flamethrower mounted on the commander’s cupola. It may seem weird and made up, but it’s actually a very good representation of the shorter variant of the 14 mm Strahlrohr flamethrower, used on the Sd.Kfz. 251/16.

Another example of German night vision equipment, this time one of the spotlights features a plate covering the lower part. What’s more interesting is that both of the pieces look to be the same, less powerful driver’s variant.

A Mischlast Abwurfbehälter 250 drop container, given the letter “C” on the back and the fact that images of them are not that common it’s possible that it was based on this particular example, which can be seen in a museum in Poznań.

A parachute, probably the one that was attached to the container.

Another cable reel together with other pieces of equipment – a rather fancy water container and an early version of the Essenträger (food carrier).

Another German 200l drum, this time with letters “FL” on top of it, I don’t know for sure what that means, but it may be short for Flug (giving the word Flugkraftstoff – aviation fuel), meaning that the drum originally belonged to the Luftwaffe.


Maybe some of you were curious after my last posts, so just to let you know – I got my master’s degree, thank you for the support! After that I had to rest for a while, gather some energy, pack all of my things, move out of my dorm and travel across the country to finally get home for a few days. I don’t know how often will I be able to post in July, as there are still some things to do (job interview, looking for a new place to stay, a trip to Warsaw etc.), but I hope you won’t have to wait for too long for the next entry and if everything goes right, I’ll again have more time in August.

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