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Part 2 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 1)

Part 3 (Styles for German tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

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Part 5 (Styles for Russian tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

Part 6 (Styles for American tech tree tier X tanks part 1 + Object 705A)

Part 7 (Styles for American tech tree tier X tanks part 2)

As I mentioned in the previous post today we’ll talk about the last American style before starting with the French ones, particularly with the AMX 13 105, the rest of them will come later as I reached the photo limit again.

Major Ram – T110E4

According to the description this style represents a tank stationed in Germany after the war, prepared to fight against the Red Army. This tank has number A-11 on it. I found out, that there was the tank with a number A11, nicknamed “The Lemon”. It was an M48 Patton, used in Vietnam, but no photos of it were provided.

The tank is ready to be equipped with a dozer blade. We’ve seen similar gear on the M48 Patton.

Round searchlights similar to this one were used on the early MBTs like the M46, before the different models like the AN/VSS-1 were made. The emblem on the front clearly shows, that this T110E4 belongs to the 40th Armored Division. In reality this unit was created in 1954 (when the 40th Infantry Division was reorganized after returning from Korea) and existed until 1967. During this time it never left the United States and according to its wikipedia page took part in only one operation – the Watts riots.

Those are the standard metal boxes for the .50 cal ammo.

I have no idea what’s inside of that case. The most similar to this one was the hard leather case used for the BAR, but it’s still different. As always if any of you have a suggestion what’s that, let me know in the comments.

I may be wrong, but if not, then that’s a fun little detail. To me those bottles with red caps look like the Coca-Cola ones. Coca-Cola was a popular dring among the US soldiers, so it isn’t surprising to see it here. The crates are similar to the ones Coca-Cola used during the WW2, and if that’s really it, then the lack of any markings is understandable as WG would need the license for that.

Vipère Noire – AMX 13 105

I have found a photo of this box, but no information was given, we can assume that it contains .375 cartridges, that are more common in hunting or sport, maybe the crew of the tank wanted to hunt for something when they were not fighting.

And the next wooden crate, I don’t know why, but I’m really happy when I’m able to find the crates that WG used as a reference when they were making those styles. This one contains 7,62 mm cartridges, possibly for the Browning mounted on the turret.

I believe that those tubes are the containers for the 105 mm ammunition. I couldn’t find any photos of the French ones, but they surely exist somewhere, possibly in a museum and that’s where the designer took the inspiration from. No matter if they are accurate or not, they surely look similar to the other ones I found.

That looks like the French Modèle 1951 helmet, which was similar to the American M1. This example features a camo net on top of it.

On top of the turret there’s an M1919 machine gun, possibly an A4 variant with the conical muzzle installed. Also there’s a spotlight to illuminate the target.

The last detail – a searchlight mounted on the back of the turret. I don’t know the exact name, but I’ve seen a plastic model of an Israeli AMX 13 using something similar, and the piece used there was described as a standard IDF searchlight from the 1960s. The AMX 13 was used by the Israeli forces, so Israeli gear on it wouldn’t be odd, if it wasn’t for the fact that this style represents the tank used by the French tankers in New Guinea.


The amount of details that WG includes is crazy, that’s the second post in which I was able to include only two tanks. But that’s good, more details = more to talk about and it only shows how much time was spent to research and design the styles. Next time we’ll see if it’s possible to cover the rest of the French tanks in one post.

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