GSOR 1008 Three Marked

3MOE battle

Personal Experience:
One of the best tank destroyers at tier 8, encapsulating almost everything a marker could want on a tank destroyer. But generally pressured to operate effectively within the timeframe of <6~ minute battles. However, if allowed the luxury of distance and time the GSOR 1008 is a competitor for the Skorpion or even SU-130PM. One of the highest threat vehicles at tier 8 when loaded, treat with caution.

The only advantage worth talking about – Firepower.

The stats speak for themselves: Clip potential of 1,280 damage, dump time of 6s, 0.26~ accuracy, 2s~ aim time, shell velocity of 1,411 m/s and soft stats during turret traverse of 0.0528~.

If the map allows for it, initially providing a base of fire or locking down a specific lane are valid early game choices. Afterwards, advancing and providing close support for allies is the way to go. Once the late game rolls around, the overwhelming firepower when paired with a healthy HP pool or teammate sets us up quite nicely to carry.

Although, there are three weaknesses markers must account for; The first is weak and exposed frontally mounted fuel tanks, in the 112 battles I brewed up around 20~ times. Running food is an enormous risk and almost not worth it when considering fuel tank fragility. Only careful use of vision mechanics and terrain will keep us in the fight. The next pitfall is overestimating our mobility, while the 60 km/h is nice, our power-to-weight is average. If were not flexing out of a position or collapsing flank early, there is a potential of getting caught during our rotation and killed. The final weakness is our own gunnery skills, with our DPM so low, bounced or missed shots will greatly hinder our MOE progress. If our one advantage of firepower is treated carelessly then marking the GSOR 1008 is simply unprofitable.

While I didn’t enjoy this adventure due to unfamiliarity with tank destroyers and solo queue, your own 3MOE pursuit need not be like mine. When operated in cooperation with a competent platoon with communication, the GSOR 1008 is a devastating force – Able to respond effectively with it’s reasonable mobility and peerless spike damage. Sets markers up for a more consistent experience for 3MOE attempts.

Primary configuration

Primary Equipment: Pink IAU| Purple Ventilation | Pink IRM
Primary Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Vent Purge

Secondary configuration

Secondary Equipment: Pink IAU | Binoculars | Pink IRM
Secondary Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Increased Focus


Ammunition: 40 Premium | 0 Standard | 0 HE
Map Bans: Ensk | Himmelsdorf
Crew Skills: 7.89~

Field modification choices – 1/2/2, Scout

Reinforced Suspension Parallax Adjustment Ring-Angle Periscope Second slot specialization – Scouting

Session stats

Do your best out there markers, we believe in you.

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