Guess what tank it is by the Wargaming Wiki description

1. The tank does have a decent view range, but never attempt to spot enemies if you have no backups or a close escape route, as its mobility is rather lackluster. Sniping in this thing is a very iffy option, a practice in futility at best, due to the tank’s horrendous gun handling values, which is the among the worst in the tier on paper, and practically the worst in its tier taking its dispersion penalty on the move into account … … getting into ranges far enough to make sure that you won’t get annihilated within 10 seconds, but close enough to make sure that your gun will work semi-reliably. Overall, a tank that you should not get unless you’re used to bad gun handlings, and a Christmas gift for a clan member or a friend that you hate the most.

2. Avoid climbing hills or crossing rivers, stay on paved ground whenever possible. Its abysmal speed makes it a horrible tank for flanking. This often results in the [tank name] falling far behind the team’s advance. Enemy light tanks passive spotting will have detected you by then before you can even get into position. Its only option is to take the shortest route to the enemy, supporting teammates along the way. Do not advance without heavy tanks if there are any. It is ill-advised to treat the [tank name] as a heavy tank as its armament, armor and speed are insufficient for that. All you can do is accompany your teammates and hope for the best.

3. The [tank name] has long been infamous for being one of the hardest tanks to play effectively. It excels at one thing and one thing only: dealing damage. It is hugely outclassed in all other respects. Unless you are highly skilled and experienced in commanding this tank, it is a burden to the team…. … Overall, most people will find this vehicle frustrating to play. It absolutely demands the highest levels of skill, experience, patience and even luck. Your map knowledge must also be excellent. Even then, this tank is situational at best.

4. It requires a fairly passive and patient play style, somewhat akin to a forward tank destroyer.

Taking advantage of the [tank name]’s few advantages requires a primarily vision-oriented build, excellent map knowledge, and knowing when the enemy has something more interesting to shoot at than you. Find good concealment and settle in with vision equipment active. The main purpose of the [tank name] early in the game is finding the enemy and informing your team of what is incoming. It is recommended to set up someplace where your tank destroyers can provide covering fire.

Resist the urge to fire on the enemy early on unless a critical target needs to be eliminated; your gun is awful in just about every way imaginable, and you cannot afford to risk getting shot at while the enemy team is fresh. Only fire if a high-value target is exposed and on less than 75 health (so that even a low damage roll will take them out in a single shot).

Overall, the [tank name] is a poor vehicle and should only be played by very experienced players as it struggles to engage even lightly armored targets and does not have the top speed to run away from a forced engagement with another light tank. Its scouting capabilites, while not bad, can not make up for the other drawbacks the tank has.

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