Had a hilarious match

It was encounter El Halluf, and it came down to a 2v2. My team had a Black Prince and an arty, theirs had a Skorpion G and an arty. The Skorp and arty both got in the cap behind the ridge, but the Skorp was low health, and our Black Prince was on full HP. I was feeling pretty confident about our chances, then I noticed chat. Apparently, our Black Prince was so pissed that someone pinged him earlier in the match, that he refused to play. He stayed in the game to bitch about it, but he just sat at spawn doing nothing. After laughing about it, I accepted the loss, but decided to stick around to watch chat. Then I noticed, our arty was sneaking around the side. He came to the opening in the mountain that faces the cap, and for some reason their Skorp was sitting on the ridge. I guess he thought the bushes kept him hidden.

They did not.

Before he could even get his gun around, our arty annihilated him. Hope came rushing back to me, and our arty did not disappoint. He snuck around some more, and one shot their other arty as well.

So, to that Black Prince, thank you. Your baby rage and rampant incompetence resulted in the most memorable match I’ve ever had in this game. The only regret I have is that I wasn’t recording.

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