Has is3 been nerfed, or just powercrept into oblivion?

I’ve grinded it about 6 years ago, and back then it was really enjoyable, i was top 300 player for pretty much whole time i was playing the tank.
Now i’ve moved to a different country and had to start from the beginning, since my ping was too high on old acc(330ms to EU)
And jesus christ, there’s pretty much no position you can take with is3, most of the tanks you cannot pen or really do anything about (like any hull down tank pretty much, because most of the time even if it’s a medium, you cannot pen even the commanders hatch) and the speed isnt anything to write home about anymore. Pretty much everyone is faster than you.

Also, funny thing, is that on new acc i still managed to get top 64 on IS, but on is3 i cant get average damage to even a thousand, which is an achievement in itself, as even on some T6 tanks it wasn’t a problem, but here it feels like im bashing against the wall.

100% crew, brotherhood + repairs, Air vents, improved aiming and rammer, and i still cannot make it work no matter what i’ve tried.

So like, what happened?

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