Has WG ever justified the upper plate armour figures of the WZ-111-1G FT?

I know it’s been a while since this tank is in game, but I’m climbing up that (full of fake-ass TDs) line because of the top of the tree, and, well, did WG (or Khongzhong?) ever told us why they chose to make the tier VIII’s upper plate 20 cm thinner _ and even a whopping 70cm thinner for the driver’s plate _ than the tier VIII WZ-111 HT, despite, well, both having logically the same hull – a hull that for once actually exists in the real world?!

The casemate is hardly OP, and generally the tank is aggressively mediocre, except for the top gun pen, which is good, and the HP, which is dire. Why did WG/Kongzhong feel the need to shave armour off that poor thing’s upper plate?

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