HE Rounds Revert for All Tanks (not arty) – Yeah or Nah?

HE Used to splash engine and crew decks, in order to punish hull down tanks with too much frontal armor.

Now that this is glorified HESH, Swedish Turret castles and Soviet HTs are completely impregnable and cannot be killed in ranked or even normal battles. You can’t splash their insane hull down armor anymore, let alone their machine guns and visor ports with HE.

‘HE’ when fired on Light Tanks and Artillery get completely eaten by the tracks/armor, and then do no damage to the tracks even if it would have gone through on the older HE, and tracked them at the same time.

From the day that HE was changed to Glorified HESH (with much less damage or pen than HESH and AP), I’ve struggled to find any value in playing tanks with howitzers, specifically supporting mediums like the T-44 with the 122mm How. The game has become a complete gold Pay2Win fest where no one can get tracked on flat ground, exasperating the problem that’s already got with clown cars on 100 ping.

If you are in favor of reverting this Pay to Win “Rework”, please vote YES so Wargaming can take some hints that half the playerbase has left because of this.

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