HE shells

I know their nerfed, that’s not what I’m complaining about, it’s not the damage output that’s bothering me. So I was use the t6 medium tank with with 105 derp launcher and I was consistently getting “screen not penetrated” over and over over against teir 4 tanks, especially the lightly armored one. Well now I’m at the t29 and for whatever reason, people with their small cannons are slinging HE shells and damaging me.

It’s ranges from 8 up to the low 40s, the damage isn’t what bothering me, sure it’s annoying but that is about it. It’s the fact that THEY ARE FUCKING DAMAGING ME IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE. Am I missing something? Why was I doing 0 damage on teir 4s yet I’m being damaged in a t20-fucking-9? Against like 76, 75mm cannons?

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