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So recently I have been grinding out 2 tier 9 tanks. The E-50 has the top turret, tracks and engine and the 8.8cm L/100 barrel, while the T-54 has the top turret and high pen gun with the stock engine and turret. However, I can’t seem to work them out even after watching Skill’s videos and reading past Reddit posts., struggling to get 3~4k damage++. Both tanks have a really good crew and standard equipment as well. Either I play too passively and get little damage or too aggressively and get no damage. I would say I’m your average casual player playing to enjoy and have some fun, but I know where I’m supposed to go, trying to help whatever flank that is falling, but the gun doesn’t behave and the armour doesn’t work (Especially for E-50)

However, it seems like it could be the weekend team as I had really bad games so far (Lemming trains or tier 10 matchmaking), or it could be me, but at this point, I’m making losses in credits and not enjoying the game. So, I beg for help on how to get these 2 tanks sorted out.

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