Help with Equipment needed please

So I have (checks stats) 1700 battles under me now, not many really, and I’m at tier 8 and looking to hang around here for a while. Because of that I’ve started looking at the different types of equipment, and and outside that Standard, I’m not sure if spending my limited resources on the Improved/ Bonded etc is worth it, and what the pit falls are.

So I know what standard equipment is/ does and I believe only standard equipment gets the synergy bonus from being in the correct slot.

But is it worth it, for me to spend my limited bonds on getting improved equipment? Or to spend my tokens on bonded equipment? and What about this experimental equipment I have?

The tier 8’s I have are (because I’m not going to put non-standard on less than that)

Caernarvon Skoda T 56 P44 Pantera Hawk 30

I also have the Centurion 1 unlocked, but if I understand correctly, that would just be polishing a turd (Though I am looking to get the 7/1 maybe the Action X ) and I have the Spah Panzer and looking to eventually get the Ru.

So, other than “moar bonuses” how do the Improved/ Bonded/ Experimental work, and what are good ideas for me in regards to them.


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