Hidden requirements for Referral/Recruitment?

Does anybody know what’s the hidden requirements for getting into a recruit or if there’s actually is?

On the WoT site, it clearly said: You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • there must be fewer than 200 battles fought on your World of Tanks account;
  • you haven’t played World of Tanks within the last 60 days (time counted from the last battle).

The last time I played WoT was on January 13, it’s been 80+ days since my last battle, So im already checked on the one of the requirements so that’s means I should be able to re-join wot using my friends referral link, but when I tried today, it keeps saying Unable to join. I also asked her if her slots are full (2 per 4 months I think) and she said it’s all open, the 2 slots for recruitments.

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