High quality resolution maps for download (for printing, making your own notes etc.)

I have started learning to drive light tanks and always have difficulty remembering good positions and starting plays for the individual maps. There are many tutorials, but since you don’t know beforehand which map you will play, it is difficult to start the right YT video in 30 seconds to quickly refresh your knowledge.

The map strategy guides on wot guru are not really satisfying for me either, because the map legend is often confusing and I mostly have to read the whole article to actually understand the maps, which is hard to do in just 30 seconds.

So I thought I print the maps for myself or use a program to edit the *.jpg files to make my own notes, so I can quickly look at them before the countdown at the start of a battle is over.

Since I haven’t found a good source for reasonably high resolution versions of the maps on Reddit or the forums, I extracted them from the game files myself and enlarged them with an upscaling AI by a factor of 8x. I thought I’d post them here in case other people want to use them too.

So here you go:

Download (GoogleDrive)

Mirror #1 (Imgur)

(I think imgur compresses the images a bit, so if you want full quality use google drive link)

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