Historical glass cannon/turreted Soviet TD line proposal

As the game has recently incorporated a plethora of largely unhistorical vehicles that never made it past the proposal stage, I think it would be refreshing to introduce a new line that existed in real life, either as prototypes or mass produced vehicles.

Yes, they’re all Soviet, and yes, the Soviets tech tree already has two established TD lines. But all of the following vehicles were actually made into metal, and I’ve personally been wanting to see some of them in the game for a long time.

I do not believe any of the following vehicles would be truly overpowered and offset the meta in the game, while some of them may even serve to counter the current meta of frontally-powerful heavy tanks. This is attributed to generally decent mobility across the line, and high penetration values – some of which are very much historically accurate.

Other common traits among all of the following vehicles are good to excellent camo values, as well as thin armor that cannot be relied upon. In short, they are all largely glass cannons, albeit with varying armament that may also differ slightly from same-tier peers.


Tier 4 – ASU-57

Mobility: 45kph, 55 hp. ~ 14.7 hp/ton.

57mm CH-51M. 90/90/105 damage and 139/151/15 penetration. 975/1125/695 velocity.

19 rpm, 2.1 second aim time, .34 dispersion.

Play style wise, this is essentially a one-tier-higher tier UE-57.


Tier 5: ASU-76

Mobility: 45 kph, 78 hp. ~ 12.2 hp/ton.

76mm D-56T. 170/170/230 damage and 148/200/20 penetration. 950/700/700 velocity.

Basically, the M41 Walker Bulldog’s gun, but Tier 5 and slightly lower velocity/pen. 13 rpm, 1.7 second aim time, .33 dispersion.

Similar play style to its predecessor, albeit more refined gun handling and better damage. High penetration on HEAT rounds for Tier 5. Overall, a very comparable tank to the 60G-FT. Gun isn’t as powerful, but better gun handling and camo.


Tier 6: ASU-85

Mobility: 45 kph, 210 HP stock, 263 HP upgraded (PT-76B engine). ~ 15.34 hp/ton upgraded. Low terrain resistance of .75/.85/1.30

85mm D-70. 200/200/320 damage and 185/221/20 penetration. 1040/925/925 velocity.

11.3 rpm, 1.7 second aim time, .32 dispersion.

As 45 kph is starting to feel a little jaded at Tier 6, the main selling point for this vehicle would be its armament. The gun is essentially the same as the WZ-131’s, but is one tier lower, has better handling characteristics/DPM, and is mounted on a TD platform.


Tier 7: SU-152G

Mobility: 60 kph, 400 hp. ~15.45 hp/ton. High terrain resistance values of 1.10/1.25/1.70.

152mm D-50. HEAT standard, HE secondary. 600/780 damage and 250/86 penetration. 750/600 velocity.

3.83 rpm, 3.2 second aim time, .46 dispersion. Turret capable of traversing 71.5° left or right.

I would expect this to be a polarizing vehicle with little resemblance to its predecessors, and without the consistency of its higher tier brethren.

While it may be derpy, placing this tank at Tier 7 would add some flavor to this line. The likely alternative would be to bump the ASU-85 up to tier 7, which would make for an underwhelming performance given its poor armor, average mobility and ordinary (if not lackluster) armament at that tier.

A consistency with the rest of the line would be the retainment of good camo value. As this vehicle marks a new chassis in the line, values similar to the SU-130PM would be fitting.


Tier 8: SU-100P

Mobility: 65 kph, 400 hp. ~ 18.51 hp/ton. Normal terrain resistance of .90/.95/1.40

100mm D-50/D10. 300/300/400 damage and 239/320/30 penetration.

9 rpm, 1.7 second aim time, .31 accuracy. Turret traverse: 71.5° left or right.

This vehicle would perform similarly to the ShPTK-TVP 100, but with higher alpha, top speed, and lower DPM/default pen.


Tier 9: SU-152P

Mobility: 55 kph, 400 hp. ~ 12.73 hp/ton. Low terrain resistance of .75/.85/1.30.

152mm M-53. 650/650/850 damage and 293/360/90 penetration. 950/760/760 velocity.

4.1 rpm, 2.3 second aim time, .36 accuracy. Turret traverse: 71.5° left or right.

Essentially a Soviet Waffentrager Pz. IV, this vehicle could have its own set of differences that implicate pros and cons compared to its German contemporary.

While its 152mm may deal more damage than the WT’s 128mm, the gun handling and rate of fire would be noticeably worse, although definitely usable. The lack of a fully rotating turret also means that reverse, peek-a-boo positions which the WT may take are not viable for this vehicle.

While the acceleration may be poor, the SU-152P’s top speed would allow it to relocate on the battlefield with greater ease compared to the WT.

In keeping with the rest of the line, camo values would still remain excellent.


Tier 10: SU-152 Taran

Mobility: 63 kph, 480 hp. ~ 16.13 hp/ton. 1.15/1.35/1.70 terrain resistance.

152mm M-69. 850/850/1100 damage and 340/400/90 penetration. 1700/1000/1000 velocity.

Pen values would be substantially lower than historically specifications so as to not be completely overpowered.

3.2 rpm, 2.3 second aim time, .29 dispersion. Turret traverse: 360°.

A vehicle comparable to the Grille 15. Penetration, damage, and shell velocity values would be considerably higher, at the expense of worse accuracy and aim time.

While the Taran would have the flexibility of a fully rotating turret, relocation abilities would not be as good due to an average power/weight ratio.

While camo values would be slightly better than the Grille, they would not be as effective as the rest of the line given the Taran’s silhouette.

The main problem with the Taran is that it would inherently outperform the current Grille in several important aspects. In relation to this, replacing the Grille 15 with a more historical, flexible Grille 12 as suggested in my previous proposal would make for a better vehicle at the end of the line. This, in turn, would have its own differences with the Taran that would entail a different play style, as well as respective pros and cons. This is much preferable than the current Grille 15 being largely inferior to an introduced Taran, and being a lackluster vehicle in general.

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