Holding the team together with as much damage as the rest combined, and still a 15-0 loss. W/R has been awful since the marathon started (usual avg is 54% solo)



Things have been so bad since the marathon started. I know it’ll average out, but wow the game is not fun right now! So many matches are full of high-tier players getting wrecked in the first minutes, or doing zero damage, or having no concept of map meta or minimap awareness.

Nothing I can do about it — this is the new normal — yet still a hard truth to swallow. I swear things weren’t always this bad, though maybe that’s just nostalgia.

I want to believe that I have a significant impact on the losses, after all I’m the only constant. But games are snowballing nearly immediately no matter if I get involved, support from the back, or play my best vehicles. It’s hard to be optimistic about being able to change things when you’re only 1 player out of 15.

Not sure what I’m expecting, I just needed to rant 🤷‍♂️

Edit: Just realised that game was my highest damage ever. Yay?

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