Honest Question, what keeps you playing WoT?

Hi, i sometimes wonder, what keeps me playing since 2013 for over 40k games now.

I really like grinding, although i usually took the short way in the past, free xp modules and sometimes rest of tanks. I grind new lines if i am interested but then, reaching tier X… i lose interest in that line pretty often.

I have nearly all tier X tanks, but only played one (tier x) tank more than 800 games, most others are 10 – 200 games with most tanks under 100 games.

I play tier 8 most of the time, tier 9, too. Sometimes i open the game and really cant decide which tank to play when i am not really grinding.

Nethertheless i keep playing nearly daily, sometimes just 5 games, sometimes 10. In the past i was sometimes 350 battles / month. I am down to 100 – 150 and i still love these battles where you win it with a carry…

What are your reasons to keep playing this p2w grindfest? Its my main game since years… came from diablo, stayed as diablo sucked with 3.

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