Hot take: FV304 is the only fair arty

Yeah yeah, all arty bad, rabble rabble rabble. I don’t main it and it’s pretty boring to play in general, but I started playing the FV304 and…it’s actually pretty fun to play. Because it plays almost like a regular tank. At least as close as the class can get.

Arty sucks to fight because they snipe you from across the map, and the shells so often do bullshit levels of damage. But the FV304 can’t, and doesn’t. It has almost no range, so if I shoot you I am most 500m away. It has a quick reload but the shells have to hit because they have no splash. No stun either, and no premium rounds or bullshit self-spotting range like a LefH. The shots don’t do massive damage and heavies can bounce them pretty easily. Unless I get a good/lucky shot on an open tank or light I’m not taking half of someone’s HP in one blow.

For every tier 4 i can dunk on a tier 8 can dunk on me. Especially as my range becomes a real liability when bottom tier. Sure, I get crazy mobility and some camo but most things in the game can kill me in 2 hits or less. It can do damage, but it’s hard to feel game-breaking. I can’t just park and jerk off, I have to move with the battle, and if I don’t pay attention someone will find me and blow me away.

And charging enemy arty at the end of the game for a ram or shotgun blast is pretty fun, too.

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