How am I supposed to do 279e blocking missions?

I am really struggling.

Trying to do it in tortoise. People press 2, and my whole tank is suddenly a weak spot.

Trying to do it in the e3, and map rotation fucks my ass, and people press 2 and get miracle pens.

e4, haha. nice joke. Do I need to buy the t95 back?

It seems like every time I try to do a blocking mission there are platoons from tryhard clans shooting full HEAT from STB-1’s and I melt. It seems like this is the requirement for most NA clans.

With the state of the game being either 2-15 or 15-2 you can’t hope to do any kind of consistent damage/blocked damage. Are these missions a joke?

What can I do?


So far I have played 97 battles in TS-5, Turtle, Tortoise, e3. And I have blocked more than 2k damage on one occasion. The rest is gold shooting assholes. Thats it, I am done with this game.

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