How are people on Asia server going with the new 10 v 10 rules?

Since the changes started yesterday, the maximum fight I have had is 11 v 11. Virtually every game is 10 v 10. I’ve not had any of the TD limited maps (Prok, Malinovka) and that means most other maps are TD heavy. Games collapse very quickly because the maps are the same size and one flank will always be underweight. Pretty normal that one of the flanks ends up in a 1 v 3 and is wiped in 2 minutes. I also wonder how some of the dmg/spot campaign missions will get done when there is 33% fewer HP on offer. Wait time for a match has been shorter, but not significantly. Maybe 10-15 seconds instead of 20 seconds. On the plus side, I got the cheapest Kolobaov’s ever by just driving through the middle of a map unspotted and capping out while the rest of the enemy force advanced and crushed my team.

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