How can I play the IS6 better

So I’ve had to move off my tortoise now I’ve maxed the battle pass points and I’m resorting to my borsig and is6 to grind the last chapter.

Borsig I’m pretty happy with simple 150 derping, usually get around 1.5k a game.

The IS6 however since playing the tortoise I’ve been doing a lot better with it but it’s very inconsistent. Im not great with angling armour up close and it’s gun has better chance hitting someone in another map at medium range.

It throws good damage down when it hits but my method at the moment is to just hulldown in a decent spot and wait for an enemy to show me their side as aiming for weakspots is laughable.

I’m currently running turbo,rammer and improved config (config because of its boost from is6, also turbo has boost from the extra add on through the new configuration feature)

I’m thinking I should change to rammer, aim circle thing, and aim speed thing (sorry I suck remembering their names)

Try and improve the gun as much as possible? Its quite good to flank with the turbo on. I can often sneak behind big engagements as the armour isn’t that bad.

But yeah sorry for the misconstrued essay, I’d appreciate tips on how I can shift my game up and do constant damage and help my team more with this tank

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