How can you guys play this game without being frustrated? (Rant)

Because I can’t. There are so many aspects to it that are just garbage. I partially understand the spotting system so that isn’t really too angering, but my god the gameplay is. For starters, if your in a heavy and your spotted, you might as well just leave the game because your about to get curbstomped by every artillery piece on the map. No matter where you hide or how much evasive maneuvers you take, there will always be an artillery gun firing a round that will hit you and either track you or kill you. Now, the most frustrating thing is the armor. I have no idea how they interpret armor, but it’s not accurate. I know people call this game out for being unrealistic, but dear god the armor sums that up perfectly. For example, if I were in a warthunder match and suddenly a Stuart light tank runs infront of my kv-1 and it were to fire, it’s round wouldn’t pierce. If I wanted to insult the light, I could angle, thus making me impenetrable. In this game, if I meet a Stuart head on it won’t pen me. But the second I angle suddenly it can? It’s like the game thinks that angled armor doesn’t mean anything to an AP round. And then by some divine miracle from the Wargaming gods, the Stuart proceeds to block my 122mm HE round because it angled. Not only is that frustrating, the reward penalty for losing is insane. Out of 20 matches today, 3 weren’t losses. If I had one those 17 other matches, I would be in a T-150 right now, but instead I’m 1/4 of the way there. It’s really hard to enjoy this game as a newbie, because everyone else seems to be 4 times more experienced and skilled than me.

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