How delusional is the average WoT player ?

Let’s take a fresh example from a game I just played.

Tier V – VII, Ensk Around 3’30 some guy in my team starts with the usual “OMG noob team”, “go play Tetris, it’s free”… you all know the drill The dude is playing SU-152 (hence top tier and quite a good tank IMO) Score is 7-1 for us

Yup, you already know where this is going : he is the dead one.

Another player and I confront him about this fact (quite politely actually), suggesting that instead of ranting he could try to learn.

“Going this side is bad idea, it’s just a lucky win”.

I know I shouldn’t give this kind of people too much attention but come on, how can one be in denial that much ? Is it useful to report this kind of attitude ? Just add him to ignore list ?

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