How do I become considered more than just a ”bad” player

Considering the size of this sub this question has probably been asked countless times but oh well.

I first played this game in 2014 and since then I’ve only racked up around 2600 battles so not too many compared to most. I’ve never understood how to play any tank other than a SPG so that’s the only thing I can play and from what I have heard over time is people hate SPG players for some reason whether it be they think its for bad players or whatever.

I’ve recently found this statistic called ”WN8” which supposedly tells you whether you are a bad player or not and I fall in that category with 600 WN8 across my account. I don’t really specialize in this stuff but I just want to know if I can improve on that with just playing SPG’s. Only 3 of my SPG’s are in some decent zone with my M40/M43 and M44 at 1000+ WN8 and my M53/M55 at 800 WN8.

I want to know what I could do to improve or at least be considered in some way a better player than bad, lets say below average. I don’t sweat this game out nor am I a premium user I simply play this game for fun albeit I do realise sometimes I am quite shit at certain things within the game compared to those a tad more dedicated which can ruin the experience.

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