How do I find out. . .?

For the previous 11 months my win % has remained virtually identical while my WN8 gone up considerably. I have been following my progress at “” For the majority of my time playing WoT as my WN8 went up my win % has followed in a linear manner. For the last 11 months if my win % went up as little as .02% I’d be cast into a losing streak until I was back to, what seems to be, a fixed win %. It really feels like I am being punished for something and I have no idea what. I’d like to question the “powers that be” at WoT and find out if I have been locked into a win % and if yes, why. I’ve looked at player support but there seems to be no way to ask the questions I’d like to ask.

So, who, what, where, do I query WoT to find out what the real story is?

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