How do I get better at World of Tanks?

Hello, few weeks ago me and my friends decided that we’ll try out WoT and to our surprise we got addicted, while they have been on and off I’ve played for quite a lot, managed to get my first Tier 6 tank T-34-85, which I quite like aesthetically. Now the killer question, how do I get better at game, Since I gotten the new T7 tank I started straight up dying in first few minutes. Most of my matches are against higher tier and even if I’m playing in all T7 lobby I don’t do much, couple kills here and there. When I play against high tier tanks I feel utterly useless, first I thought my tank is shit, but some people I found told me my tank is relatively decent. Do I just stick to low tier tanks to try to understand the game better or is there I’m doing wrong.

Quick add, to all the people that will tell me to ”just get good” please advise me in a way I can improve my gameplay. Thanks for reading.

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