How do I get better?

I’ve got around 800 wn8, I played 4k battles and 1 marked the high tier tanks I’ve got. But I think Ive played 800 battles or more without making any progress. Idk what I’m doing wrong. I’ve watched countless replays and videos on how to play the tanks I like, but nothing goes the way it does in the videos.

If I get to a hull down position my cupolas are penned (I play soviet mediums mostly, so not the biggest cupolas), or I get one shot by 60tp, fv4005s. Cannot play aggressive, because for some reason my armour never works like it does in the videos when you hide lower plate. It’s like I don’t have any. I’ve memorised all the ‘positions’ to play the tanks by now and they just never work like they do in the videos. How are u meant to play ‘aggressive’ without dying with only 3 shots? I don’t over-angle and I get some side and turret bounces, but it’s not enough.

I’m not completely hopeless as I almost always do my hit points. But I feel like I’m not improving for shit. I’m still stuck around 65% moe on all of my tanks. When people say ‘learn the game’ Idk what they mean. What more can I do?

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