How do I get good enough at tier 10 mediums to complete Object 260 – MT-13? (Deal 6000 damage)

I am struggling with this mission. 6000 damage is such a high amount. The highest I ever really reach is 4500 or so, sometimes breaching the 5000 mark.

I’ve read people say that the best way to complete this mission is to simply ‘get good at tier 10 mediums’.

I am not good at tier 10 in any tank type but light tanks. I really struggle since it feels like a whole other game to tier 8 and 9. Maybe my positioning is bad, maybe I don’t know what I am doing, or maybe it’s that everyone is significantly better than at lower tiers.

How do I improve enough to complete it? Do I need to see map guides for mediums? I find that I really struggle to know what to do at the beginning of a game as a medium at high tiers.

What about Grand Battles. I simply do not know the GB maps well enough. Are there guides out there for how to medium on those maps depending on the spawns?

My tier 10 mediums that I own are the Object 140, Leopard 1, Batchat 25t, Centurion AX, Progetto 65, TVP 50/51. The ones I am best in are the Leopard and TVP.

Thanks for any advice!

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