How do I start enjoying this game again

I haven’t played this game in a long time, (years) and just recently started getting back into it. I play casually most the time, but used to be in a Reddit clan back in the day which helped with the enjoyment factor. Now when I log in and play I just find myself really struggling to enjoy it.

Tier 8 which used to be my favorite tier is borderline unplayable since standard tanks are outclassed in everyway by the premium counterparts. The maps, although some are familiar are completely alien to me, even after using the topography maps to try to learn them I still lack an understanding of how to navigate them. I would not say I am playing terribly, slightly below average if I had to guess but not matter what I do I always seem to lose. The random battles seem entirely left to chance and I always seem to be on the losing team. While I know I can “get good” and all that, it truly is difficult to manage a game where a majority of your team turtles or dies in the first five minutes.

Is there a way to easily find platoons, or different gamemodes better suited for solo play? I tried using the teamspeak server but it was confusing to navigate and the discord seemed pretty dead. I really am just looking to win some of the few games I get a chance to play.

Heres is my account stats if it helps

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