How do people win Steel Hunter in LTs? Bai Lang in particular.

I win about 1/3 of SH battles when playing HTs and MT’s. But in LTs I win about 1/10. Bai Lang in particular is problematic. Which I strange because I hear a lot about how OP it is.

Some games I just end up running for my life for a few minutes until someone finally puts me out of my misery.

Most of the times though I make it to endgame, close to or fully upgraded. But then I just keep losing 1v1’s. Dart gets repaired and drone two shot. And then the stupid derp gun bounces.

Obviously skill issue on my part. Thing is, I understand how to do 5k dpg at tier x even if I’m unable to do it myself. But how some people win >33% in SH with LTs just blows my mind.

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