How do you get the Progetto 54’s gun to behave?

Title. A long-awaited grind with plenty of free XP and blueprints to skip the tier 7; I don’t want this to all be for nothing, but the Progetto 54’s accuracy is treating me very badly. I’m a bit disappointed because on paper this tank looks very interesting, and a lot of people seem to love it.

I’m playing the tank more like a support medium (or even sniper in +1/2 matchups) because its armor is not reliable, and the mobility is really good for a heavy tank. Oddly enough the gun handling stats (traverse, turret rotation, after firing) are very good, but the dispersion size combined with the dreadful aim time ruin everything by making my shots fly right over targets.

Running Vents, Vstab, and Mobility Improvement. Am I just unlucky? Is there some sort of micro (preaiming, positioning, target choice) I’m not doing?

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