How do you play Heavies as bottom tier?

I’ve always struggled here in this regard – more than any other class I find myself feeling useless fighting heavies two tiers higher than my own. Playing the IS atm and tier 9s (even some tier 8’s tbh) are just pure pain to face.

I know I’m supposed to not be so front-line and more support, but I can’t wrap my head around what that entails. I can’t pen tier 9’s frontally, even with gold for the mostpart, and flanking tends to end in me getting two or three shot. Most games I end up cowering behind my big heavies and praying I can pen a few shots on unaware people, which rarely works.

Would just kinda like tips in general. Far too many 400 damage games going on for me atm and I hate being a burden on my team like that.

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