How does one play a light tank properly?

I’m currently having a lot of fun with the ELC EVEN 90. I wanted to try proper light tank gameplay but also didn’t want to dumb a ton of time into a lower tier tank. I didn’t have any light tank lines unlocked as I usually play medium or TD. So I bought this one.

I’ve played about 65 games with a 61% WR so far. I’m probably not the best player in it but these are my first matches in it.

However I seriously don’t know what to do, there are so many people who want you in positions where you’ll instantly die at the start of the match. How can one expect me to sit in a bush in-front of the enemy with 2 EBR’s cruising around on ridge lines that will proximity spot you. The best games I’ve had were those were I played defensive until mid game where there was room to move around.

My camo rating is about 53% and range 460 or so. Still have some upgrades and crew skills to work on.

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