How i can counteract this scenario?

In my case i am looking for advices from players that managed to 3 mark some similar tanks.

I try to get 2 st mark on Su 130 pm and first mark on 60 TP.

My games end like these:

35% of games, we lose ~15-0 in like 1-2-3 minutes. ( i lose some of % mark in this situation ( not always but if i tried to play that round aggresive, i would say i shot 2 times) , so its still some mark % lose.

35% of games we absolutely destroy them 15-0 in like 1-2-3 minutes and i shoot like again, 2-3 shots depending on the situation and the rest of the game i desperately run to find another target so atleast i don’t lose %

30% Normal timing games, balanced, i make enough damage to grind 1-2% of the mark maybe more.

In this 2 bad scenarios , what i need to overcome the situations where the game its so fast that i cannot keep with it and find targets/shoot? Do i need to get some mods that everyone use to see the enemy wn8 and decide they are better or not and then be aggresive or less agressive? Maybe i don’t positionate myself good on map and i should check better map spots? Is this about decisions i make in game? How i can influence the game tempo with my decisions if i am a SU 130 wich barelly can hold or be so aggresive, or in a 60 TP that takes a lot more time than eny tank to reach the flank?

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