how I have fun in world of tanks in 2023

given how divided the playerbase is at this time with these overpowered premium and reward vehicles I thought I’d give my opinion on how i still manage to squeeze every last dopamine release from this game

in the current meta, playing light tanks are probably the most lucrative class in the game that rewards strategic gameplay and can break stalemates and win games more than any other class. With how boring and stale heavy tank gameplay has become it’s honesty the only way I can have fun playing this game.

I’ve been playing light tanks since I started playing in 2015 and they were fun, over the years they got less fun with the 9.18 scout matchmaking nerfs etc but since equipment 2.0, light tank gameplay has become almost broken in how you can push the scouting statistics of your vehicle and using this to your advantage is extremely rewarding. Getting into the mindset of positioning yourself to best help your team is a very rewarding experience as well. I believe light tank gameplay pushes the most positive aspects of this game. if you manage to get your positioning right, even if you’re not pumping out damage, you’ll be getting lots of spotting damage for minimal efforts.

Back when I was 3 marking the elc even 90, before equipment 2.0 it taught me so much about the class as a whole, this was back when everyone was calling this tank the worst tier 8 premium. getting into those scout bushes and racking up huge games, learning when to push and make bold moves.

It’s a different story now, everyone blindfires the commonly known scout bushes whenever they get lit and you might think that makes light tank gameplay bad but I think that increases the skill ceiling and promotes out of the box thinking. using the CVS and bush mechanics gives you an edge over every other class in the game but the key is patience, I’d say it’s very high risk but very high reward.

So in 2023 I’m still enjoying this game, I haven’t picked up a heavy tank in forever now, if you want to escape the hulldown meta and actually feel like you have an impact on your team rather than sitting in one spot all game hoping to hit pixel cupolas and blindshots on camping TDs, I’d suggest trying out pure scout setups. I’d agree with lights being team dependant but a good light tank player can adapt around even the worst of teams to provide vision to get support and get a good game even if it’s a guaranteed loss, I’d say this is the best way to play the game for me in the current meta.

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