How much is too much?

Was pretty excited to start making some progress in the new battle pass today.. But then I had a lil thought of all the scumbag shit WG has done. And NOW they done fucked with our boosters. They’re out here acting like we haven’t lost anything? We sure the fuck did. I’d much prefer a 200% 1hour booster over two 100% boosters. Thats waste of time. We have these insane premium tanks that really have no business being in the game (AND SO MANY OF THEM). We have these tanks armored up to the fuckin teeth which force many players to shoot gold to not be at a disadvantage which is exactly what they want. We have gambling. There’s so many minute details I can keep going on about. The ISU-152 had its BL-10 removed and they released a premium with an even better gun to replace it. We’re being played for fools and we just take it like the chumps we are. WG knows how much they’re fucking their playerbase yet they don’t care because people will play regardless. I was gonna start the S9 battle pass but I think I’ll play something else. And I encourage you all to do the same if you feel like I do

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