How often does Wargaming buff premium tanks?

I’ve heard it’s possible, like with IS-3A and CykaPershing. There are number of tanks I’d like to play, like Centurion 5/1 or STA-2, but they seem powercreeped a lot. I just played with rental Centurion and the 240alpha/7s seems like a joke. I love the tank looks and the otherwise feel of it, but I don’t see any advantage over other prems – HWK 30 has better potential DPM than Cent 5/1. My Lansen and Lis have much better gun performance. Is it possible that someday Cent 5/1 will get buffed and be viable?

I’m pretty sure there are people considering this tank good, I can see that if one doesn’t mind the low alpha, I’m just not one of them and I’ve seen a lot of opinions on my side.

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