How the hell are people getting huge amounts of credits? I mean like 50k

I’m finally near the point where I have researched all Tier X tanks and I already have 8 Tier X tanks I can’t buy because I don’t have enough credits. In addition to that, I currently have 15 Tier IX and VIII tanks I’m grinding and 1 Tier IX I wont buy either.

I also still don’t have full Equipment on every premium and Elite Tank I have.

Normally I buy equipment and consumables when discounted.

I nearly always play with a premium account, I practically never use premium consumables nor directives, I rarely fire gold ammo and I play Tier 8 premiums on a regular basis, like every two days for two hours with 50% credit boosters.

I even rarely play my Tier X tanks, mostly the grinds, which means most of the time I make credits from every game.

On top of that, I nearly sell every tank in my grinds, except a few Tier 9 and 8 ones. I also sold a lot of low tier premiums which I could rebuy at some point for credits.

Is there any secret trick I don’t know about where I can make a lot of credits fast?

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